Keeping Our Kids Safe

23 Apr

The effects of fat deposits coating the inside of the blood vessels

Remember when we were kids?  We used to play outside until our parents made us come inside…and we loved it!  These days with all the media attention on crime, we have become a society living in a perpetual state of cautiousness.  Could we be killing our kids with caution?!  We keep our kids inside where it’s safe, doing safe things like playing video games, or watching TV.  Meanwhile, as our kids sit safely in front of the TV, their cardiovascular systems are sitting there too…doing nothing.  Not exercising.  Not growing stronger.  Their bodies are safely sitting doing nothing as well, not growing stronger, not building muscle, not burning fat.  So, while our kids sit safely indoors, the fat they are not burning begins to coat the inside of their blood vessels – to an extent that in previous generations did not happen until middle adulthood.    Our children’s underdeveloped heart muscle then has the challenge of working very hard to try to push blood through the narrowed fat (plaque) coated vessels.  Heart attacks and strokes, once the plight of the elderly are fast becoming a reality for young and middle aged adults.  I know people who rush home as fast as they can at the end of their work day so they can drive their teenage kids home from school.  They are somehow convinced that this is the best thing they can do for their kids.  How did our society come to believe that it will hurt our kids to let them walk 6 blocks home from school?  Active kids are healthier and more confident.  If you want to protect your kids, stop keeping them so safe!


Let me know what you think of this.

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