Is Salad the Healthiest Choice?

19 Jun

Salad (Photo credit: adactio)

It can be difficult to make healthy choices when eating in a restaurant.  Most people simply assume that the salad is the obvious choice for a healthy low-calorie meal.  Yes, the lettuce and other veggies in the salad are good for you.  The more veggies you eat, the better.

The trouble is not the salad itself, but what they put on it.  Many salads come topped with chicken.  This is a good way to get some protein in, but you need to consider how the chicken is cooked.  Is it breaded and deep-fried?  That will add unneccessary fat and calories.  Some salads come topped with things like bacon and croutons.  These can not only add calories but also can be very high in sodium.  Then there’s the salad dressing.  It’s always best to ask for the salad dressing on the side, that way you can control the amount you use.  Salad dressings can be very high in fat, calories and salt, so using it sparingly is generally a good idea.

Check out this slide show from Best Health Magazine for the skinny on some not so skinny salads.

Lastly, if the salad leaves you hungry, you’ll be looking for more food later on, tempting you to snack, and let’s face it, many of the snacks we crave are not so healthy.


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