Get Healthy – Just Do It!

23 Jun

I think I have finally done it!  I have gotten into a healthy habit of doing some form of exercise almost daily.

In the past I have often found it pretty easy to find an excuse.  “I should go for a walk, but it’s raining…it looks like it might rain…I don’t have time…too hot…too cold…”  The options are endless.  I have recently gone walking when the sky is black with clouds, and it did’t rain!  I have gone in the rain and it was actually quite lovely.  Everything so green and smelling so fresh.  When the weather really seemed like an obstacle, I stayed in and used my elyptical machine.  The truth is I really enjoy being active but sometimes I get into a rut, making a habit of not being active.

I have post concussion syndrome.  During the early stages of my recovery being active exacerbated my symptoms.  My headaches got worse, I was plagued by nausea and dizziness.  My physiotherapist recommended that I gradually increase my activity since some research has shown that people who are active recover better.

In the beginning I couldn’t walk around the block without feeling horrible. I would try it, and then I had to rest for the next couple of days until the symptoms subsided.  Then I would try again.  It took several weeks before I was able to walk a block without feeling bad, but I wanted to get better so I kept trying.  Now, 5 months after my accident I can walk 4 kms!

I have to give some of the credit to my dog.  Once she noticed that these walks were becoming pretty regular, she would pester me until I would take her .

Some of the credit goes to Apple.  My iPod has a fitness app that tracks your fitness.  It will count steps, time your walk or run, tell you the distance you are covering.  It can get kind of addictive trying to out do your previous distance.

Find what motivates you.  You can make a habit out of being healthy!

If any of you have found some great ways to help you develop a healthy habit, tell me about it, share it so others can be inspired too!


5 Responses to “Get Healthy – Just Do It!”

  1. Katie June 26, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    It is hard to start the habit. I once had to dog sit the same dog for a couple of weeks. I, apparently, trained the dog to expect a walk every night. When the owner returned, the dog trained her 8).

  2. Anonymous July 3, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    Hey – what was the fitness app you used?

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