Healthy Planet, Healthy People

21 Jul
One of Dryden, Ontario's Landfill's. This one ...

One of Dryden, Ontario’s Landfill’s. This one is located in Barclay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wellness for us and wellness for our planet go hand in hand.  If our environment is not healthy how can we expect to keep ourselves healthy?

These days products and styles are changing fast.  The advertisers would have us believe that if we don’t have the latest style of furniture, clothing, electronics, etc, we are not cool.

Manufacturers plan to change the it color or style yearly to make sure they have a  constant supply of customers willing to open their wallets to ensure that they don’t fall behind the trend.  No doubt you’ve heard someone say “They sure don’t make things like they used to.”  This is more than just a cliché.  Companies are purposely creating products that will break or fail within a short period of time so that the consumer is forced to buy a new one.  They make the product in such a way that it rarely pays to try to fix it.  They are literally designing for the dump.

Sadly, many of us feel that our status is intrinsically linked to the accumulation of the latest stuff.  We worry that people will think less of us if we are not on trend.

This causes huge amounts of waste that enters the landfills.  If we continue this trend in the decades to come the landfills will become gigantic!

Another problem with the perception that we constantly need to buy the latest stuff is the stress it puts on us.  We feel the financial strain as we struggle to keep up.  This stress can lead to physical symptoms such as muscle tightness, back, neck, and shoulder pain, head aches, fatigue, stomach ulcers, unhealthy eating habits, weight gain, loss of sleep and more.

So, what can we do about this?  As long as we continually buy the poor quality crap that’s out there, companies will continue to sell it.  Vote with your wallet.  Demand quality.  We’re better off going without something for a while so we can save up to buy the better quality version.

When buying furniture, solid wood can last a lifetime.  Particle board while cheaper will need to be replaced numerous times over the years.  Buy good quality furnishings in a classic style and just use accessories to keep it looking trendy.  The same goes for fashion.  Good quality fabrics in classic styles can last years and can keep looking current with the right accessories.

As for electronics, I am no expert.  The price difference between the disposable and the lifelong can be quite huge, but for things that don’t have a lot of changes in technology, think fridge or toaster, it may be worthwhile to buy quality that lasts.  For a computer on the other hand, the technology changes so fast I’m not sure if there is a lasting model.

By reducing the amount of waste and the amount of money spent (and financial stress), you are doing us all a favour contributing to the wellness of our planet.

For more thoughts on this topic check out this video:


One Response to “Healthy Planet, Healthy People”

  1. Particle Board Supplier May 3, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

    Don’t buy crap quality particle board, buy those with good density and less formaldehyde.

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