Train your tastebuds

14 Sep


Why add something artificial to something so natural?

Your wellness is hugely influenced by what you consume. 

If you generally eat processed foods and foods that have added sugar, salt or artificial flavours, you have trained your tastebuds to expect and enjoy these types of foods.  You may even find natural foods such as fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain breads, and plain water taste bad to you.

The truth is, fresh natural foods can taste fantastic!  You just need to remove the distractions that the processed foods present.

Think about life in your great grandparents day.  Mine were farmers.  They ate what they produced on thier own land with the addition of only small amounts of things such as sugar, salt and spices.  They would grow a large vegetable garden and eat what grew.  They ate it when it was fresh and also preserved plenty of it in jars so they would have an ample supply for the winter.  For added flavour, they would make things like dill pickles and relish, also from fresh garden ingredients.  They drank water.

So why is it that we eat so differently now?

In a word – marketing.

The whole goal of marketers is to find a way to make you buy something.  It’s all about money.  They are very talented and can make almost anything seem like a need.

The latest item that is annoying me is Mio.  This is a liquid product designed to enhance the flavour of water without adding calories.  The artificial flavours and sweeteners in this product are not good for us and they are entirely unnecessary.  There is nothing wrong with the way water tastes.  The problem is that years of marketing have convinced much of the population that there is.

Besides the artificial ingredients there is another problem with this and other similar products.  They are training your taste buds to expect sweeter flavours.  If you regularly drink sweetened or flavour enhanced products you will find that natural water seems bland or even kind of yucky.

Once you have trained your tastebuds to love the sweet and artificial things, you will crave these things and tend to consume more of these things on a regular basis.

By avoiding products that contain artificial ingredients and added sugar, salt or subtitutes, you can retrain your tastebuds to appreciate the natural flavours in healthy food and beverages.

People often say it’s too expensive to eat healthy.  If you are spending money on flavour enhancers for your water you have enough money to eat healthy.  Plain water from your tap is practically free.

For more on Mio check out “Fooducate”.

Sometimes marketing is the only education we get about certain things.  Take the time to get informed.  Don’t let salespeople decide what is right and healthy for you!  Your wellness is worth more than that!


Let me know what you think of this.

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