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The empty nest and staying positive

13 Aug

Packed up and ready for a week of camping

Don’t let change negatively impact your wellness.

Over the past three years my nest has gotten very empty.  Only one out of three children still live here and she is only here part time.  Sure the others still visit on weekends but it’s not the same as having them here all the time.

I had been spending an increasingly large amount of time with my dog lately.  We would walk 4 or 5 kms together most evenings.  On Saturday she passed away.  The other two dogs passed away last year and the year before.

My home is suddenly much quieter with much less action than I’m used to.  It would be easy to wallow in self pity and use that as an excuse to drop my good habits, but I’m going to fight that urge.

We have the camper packed up and we’re heading out on our first camping trip with no kids and no dogs.  It’s a little emotional.

We packed bikes, fishing rods, hiking shoes and tennis raquets.  My plan is to stay busy doing things that are good for body and soul.  The vacation is a chance to recharge, and when we get back home I will need to make an effort to go for a walk…without my dog.  I need to make it a habit even though the first little while will be tough.

Rather than letting a change set you back, seize the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction.

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