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Eliminate Excuses

24 Oct


Sitting on the couch in my pj’s or sweats on a lazy Saturday I think to myself, “I should go outside for a walk, the weather is great”.  But then that little devil on the other shoulder pipes up as says, “You can’t go outside looking like that!  What if someone sees you?”

There was a time when that little devil would usually win the arguement.  I would just stay home and continue being lazy because I didn’t feel like fixing my hair or putting on makeup etc.

I have recently decided that I’ve had enough of that little devil standing in the way of me being more active and spending more time outdoors.

If you want to make sure your little devil is not stopping you from doing what you know is best for you, you have to outsmart him.  You first need to anticipate what kind of excuses he will make.  The next step is to make a plan to eliminate the excuses.

Since the excuse that was usually most troubling for me was the – can’t go out looking ugly – excuse, I had to find ways around it.  Some days, even on lazy days, I just get myself ready first thing in the morning as if I plan to go out somewhere.  That way, no matter what I end up doing I will be ready for it.  But lets face it, there are some days when you just don’t feel like fixing yourself up.  I especially don’t want to fuss over my hair if I want to go jogging since I will probably need a shower when I’m done anyway.

So the excuse buster that works for me is my hat and sunglasses.  A hat will hide even the worst bad hair day, and the sunglasses are good for hiding the fact that I have no make-up on.  Now, I have no excuse.  When I think “I should go out for a walk” I just do it.

We all make excuses to try to get out of doing something we just don’t feel like doing.  Figure out what your common excuses are, and then find a way to sabotage them!

Don’t let that little devil win.  He doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

What is your best excuse buster??


Running for Wellness

10 Jun

Marahon shoes

Is running a simple way to improve your health and wellness?  When I see people out for a jog I usually think – Wow, they must be super fit to be able to do that.  When I hear friends talking about the marathon they’re training for I am even more in awe!  As you might have guessed, I am not a runner.  I walk, and sometimes think about trying running but so far I  have not been able to make the transition.


I think most people would agree that running is an excellent way to get aerobic activity in your life.  If a little bit of running is good for your heart and lungs, a lot of running must be better right?


That is up for debate.  The Aerobic Centre Longitudinal Study was conducted over a 15 year period and included 52,000 men and women.  The findings were quite interesting.  They found a 19% decrease is death rate for people who ran versus those who did not.  That part doesn’t seem that surprizing.


What is surprizing was that people who ran more than 20 miles per week actually had about the same risk of death as those who didn’t run at all!


This is great news for me, since if I ever do get into running, I am quite sure I will never run more than 20 miles per week!


No doubt the research on this topic will continue, one study is never enough to say anything with complete certainty, but it does give us something to think about.

If you’re interested you can read more on the not so long run at Heartwire.

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